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Bengali Bridal Makeup Tutorial (Indian Bride) - 2018

Hi folks, welcome to Dreamy Priyanka.

Today I'll be sharing with you a bengali bridal makeup tutorial.

I want to make a complete series on bridal makeup tutorial.

So, I chose to begin with a bengali bridal makeup. Since I am a bengali, so for what reason not to begin with this bengali wedding look.

Weddings are so special. So, everybody needs to look excellent on their extraordinary day. What's more, Indian ladies look flawless on bridal makeup.

Last Modified on 2018-05-20
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I have created a video on this topic - Watch Now

Bengali Bridal Makeup Tutorial (Indian Bride) - 2018

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Bengali weddings are known in India for its quiet, peaceful and serene nature that involves lots of rituals & ceremonies with a span of several days that starts with "Paka dekha" (final look out) and ends with "Gith khola" (opening of the knots).

Bengali women are known for their sharp features that gets more highlighted with the vibrant and colorful bridal makeup.

Every bengali bride looks tremendous in bold colors, glittery and bright eyes.

Red banarasi silk saree with golden zari work and heavy gold jewellery are a major yes when it comes to dress up a Bengali bride.

The special feature that distinct Bengali brides from the others is the red and white motifs on the forehead (and sometimes on the cheeks).

Red and white bangles which basically called "sakha and pola" respectively and Mukut on the head are mandatory as per the rituals. Black is a big no for Bengali weddings.

My suggestion for brides to be – Drink water as much as you can, don't get stressed out, keep calm and go with the flow….everything will be just perfect.

Most of the brides hire a makeup artist to do their makeup and transforms them into a gorgeous goddess. But some women like to do their makeup by herself on their special day.

So, if you are the one who want to learn and do her makeup the watch my BENGALI BRIDAL MAKEUP video. I have shown step by step makeup techniques in this video tutorial.

Bengali Bridal Makeup Tutorial (Indian Bride) - 2018 image

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  • Ratings: 5/5

    Nice video. The way you did this bengali bridal makeup is amazing. I really love bengali brides. Can you make more videos on this topic?

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