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How To Apply Foundation - Step By Step (with Pictures)

Who doesn't want a flawless makeup? Everybody wants to look perfect right?

But for a perfect makeup the most important step is foundation.

Because rest of your makeup depends on the perfect foundation. Before you build a nice beautiful house you definitely need to build a strong base so in makeup before you create a flawless canvas you need to create a perfect base as well.

Is there any problem? Are you struggling with the right way of applying foundation?

NO worry dear, because I am here.

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I have created a video on this topic - Watch Now

How To Apply Foundation - Step By Step (with Pictures)

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I am going to share how to apply foundation step by step to achieve a non-cakey flawless look.

Prepare your skin

  1. Wash your face: I wash my face thoroughly, every time when I do my makeup. It helps to remove all the dirt, oil from the skin. I wash my face even if I am not wearing any makeup or something. Try to use mild cleanser.

  2. Exfoliate: Exfoliation gives your skin a smooth base and also removes dead skin cells from your skin and ensures a clean base for your foundation.

  3. Toning: Use a toner because it will help you to get hydration and helps you in minimizing your pores.

  4. Moisturize: Apply moisturizer on your face with an SPF so that it can help you in hydration and can protect your skin from sun damage as well. But always make sure to apply a moisturizer, whatever skin type you have. Choose moisturizer according to your skin type. Give a certain time to absorb the moisturizer into your skin.

    How to apply foundation step by step


  5. Priming: Use a primer to smooth out the surface and minimize the pores. Take a tiny amount of the primer on your fingers, slightly warm it up then press it on the center of your face where you have maximum pores and where you tend to get sweaty. Primers really help to keep your makeup all day intact.

    How to apply foundation step by step

Color Correction

If you have dark circles, black spots, hyperpigmentation on your face the use a color corrector. Apply orange color corrector with the help of your fingers because this way you can actually apply this properly in a thin layer. Blend it very well otherwise you will look like an ORANGE :D. But if you don’t have any spots, marks then you can definitely skip this step. You don’t need to cake up your face unnecessarily with some useless steps.

How to apply foundation step by step - Color Correction


How to apply foundation

  1. Choosing the Foundation: Choose your foundation according to your skin type and skin tone. Finding the right shade is the 1st thing you have to do. When you are about to buy a foundation test the shade against your jawline. If the color disappears without any sort of blending then that is the right shade for you. Never test your foundation shade on your hands or neck. Look for a foundation according to your skin type as well. If you have dry skin and you are brawling with which foundation to choose then check my 5 BEST AFFORDABLE DRUGSTORE FOUNDATIONS IN INDIA FOR DRY SKIN

  2. Right tools to apply: If you want a full coverage look then go with foundation brushes or beauty sponges. And if you want a natural light coverage then use your fingers. I personally like beauty sponges or flat brushes to apply foundation. But if you are using a sponge always make sure to damp it using water or setting spray, that will help to absorb minimum product.

  3. Apply Foundation: Start from the center of your face the blend towards the hairline. Don’t forget your neck every time because neck is as important as face.

  • If you are using your fingertips then gently dab your fingers on to your skin for a light coverage.

  • If you are using beauty sponge then tap it on your face and blend it out, you will get maximum coverage out of it.

  • If you are using a brush then apply in stippling motion.

Blending foundation is also very important. You have blend it properly so that there are no visible lines.


How to apply foundation step by step


Concealer to highlight

Apply concealer under your eyes leaving ½ inch gap from lower eyelash line, on your forehead, bridge of the nose and your chin. Thoroughly blend it out to get a fresh highlighted face.

How to apply foundation step by step - Concealer to highlight


Set your foundation

You should set your foundation and concealer with a translucent powder because it is very lightweight and does not cake up your face at all. Apply the setting powder using a fluffy powder brush and gently sweep on your forehead, under your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, around your nose and mouth and on your chin.

How to apply foundation step by step - Set your foundation

So, following these few steps you can achieve a flawless glowing look. I have made a video on How to apply foundation with a brush. Please make sure to check that out to understand How to apply foundation better. I hope this will be helpful for you. Don’t hesitate to ask any question regarding this.

How To Apply Foundation - Step By Step (with Pictures) image

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