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Best Indian Bridal Makeup Step By Step Tutorial

Hello my Lovelies! Hope you all are doing well. INDIAN BRIDAL MAKEUP is more about elegance, uniqueness, mesmerising looks, colours and different taste. Every bride wants that her hair, make-up and wedding dress ought to be the best for her wedding. And if you are looking for a perfect Indian wedding makeup look then you are definitely in the right place. In this blog I will tell you every step that you should do for your wedding makeup.

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Best Indian Bridal Makeup Step By Step Tutorial

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Most of the brides hire a makeup artist for her special day but if you are the one who wants to do her bridal makeup herself then please continue reading this. You may check out my video on my YouTube channel (Dreamy Priyanka) to get a clear image in your head.

Okay, before anything else you must follow a healthy routine to get a healthy skin and body. Take enough sleep and don’t take stress. Drink atleast 4 litres of water in a day to get a glowing skin. Follow the CTM routine two times in a day and exfoliate your face and body 2 times in a week.

Now let’s come to the main topic and that is HOW TO DO INDIAN BRIDAL MAKEUP.


Wash your face with cleanser and then exfoliate that will help you to get a perfect base for your makeup. Apply a good quality of moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated all the day. Then after 2-3 minutes use primer to ensure a long-lasting makeup.


Use a colour corrector to hide all your dark spots, blemishes and dark circles.


Choose a foundation that matches your skintone and also waterproof, long-lasting and most importantly gives you the right coverage. Use concealer that is 1 or 2 shade lighter than your skintone, to lighten up your face.


Apply some setting powder to set your foundation & concealer perfectly. Use a fluffy brush to avoid heaviness.


Use bronzer for a sharper look and to give a nice bronze shadow to your face. Make a duck-face and apply bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks. Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks because you have blush a lot. To get that glowy face use some powder highlighter on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, nose tip, chin, cupid’s bow and temples of your forehead.


Fill your brows using any brow pomade or brow pencil or brow powder. But I would suggest brow pomade to fill your brows because you are the bride and pomade gives you the desired brows. Use some eyeshadow base on your eyelids to make it even. Now rather than going for a traditional golden glittery eyes go for a black smokey eye with a hint of your outfit colour. Draw a very dramatic winged liner. Apply some coats of mascara and finishes off with a pair of false lashes.


Apply lipliner to make an outline of your lips, it will help you to make your lips thicker (in case you have thin lips) and gives you the perfect hand to apply lipstick. Then complete the BRIDAL LOOK by applying lipstick. Last to set everything in place and to make your makeup all day intact apply some makeup setting spray.

So that is it guys. I hope these BRIDAL MAKEUP TIPS will help you to make you the perfect beautiful INDIAN BRIDE as you desired.

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